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Hello. I am Bruno, the founder of Worldevelopers. I am diabetic type 1 for 28 years and I am a developer for 10 years. 2 months ago I had a small problem on my feet, an ill. It got into a point where I thought I need help from my family doctor to cure the ill. I got antibiotics and an appointment at the hospital. When I arrived at the hospital I got many exams and almost from out of the blue the doctors put my leg and foot into a plaster. It looked exactly like the same material that they use for when you break your leg, but it is a little bit different. If you have diabetic never let them tell you that a plaster is good for you! IT IS NOT. After a week I returned to the hospital and sadly my whole feet got even more worse! The little ill I had was still there and now I had more spots on my feet that were really bad. As also the doctors told me. Even though I was send home with some bandages…After 2/3 days the spot ill I had was cured. On Christmas eve I went to the emergency room and over there I got antibiotics for 10 days. I was still in pain but the wounds were getting a bit better. On 2 january 2017 I went again to the emergency room and there they told me your foot is in a really bad condition and we have to take care of it. Out of the blue I was taken to surgery and while having no feeling in my legs/feet I had to choose if I wanted to keep my little finger or not. The doctor said to me, if you want to keep your little finger I am not sure if the infection will go away. I decided then I need to let my little finger go.

And here I am still on 10th january 2017 in the hospital. The infection is still not gone.But my passion about my work doesn’t make me stop. Not even surgery or an infection.

I want to do something good with the disease I have and more important I want to contribute to help people with my disease. I am now preparing projects to help people with diabetes all around the globe, so if you are a developer too, or want to contribute anyhow for my fight, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! – bruno,

  1. Amna 5 months ago

    What a story! You are really brave.

    • Profile photo of brviana Author
      brviana 5 months ago

      Thanks for all your support, without you i couldn’t be so brave! There’s no way to be thankful as i should, there’s nothing i can do to pay back what you’re doing for me! Really thanks!!!!!!!!

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